Monday, October 21, 2013

Yeah Baby!!!

It was another beautiful day yesterday. I spent part of the afternoon/evening on the Lower Rideau Lake.

A profitable one and a half hours of practice followed by a paddle over to Nauds Point, Millar Bay and Rideau Ferry/Hog Island and back. A distance of just under 8 miles.

The fun stuff included paddle float rolls, ladders, scrambles, and the head in the capsized cockpit, breathing the trapped air.
The standard procedure now is to sit on the back deck while pumping the water out of the cockpit. The back deck is where I meditate. I am able to sit cross legged back there now.
Another fun technique is to do the ladder recovery with the bow pointed into the waves. While I am slithering up the back of the kayak the water turns the kayak 180 degrees to face downwind.

The dry suit is working very well. It is a amazing to me to be able to play for well over an hour or two in water that would otherwise be out of limits to me.

I have started to study marine navigation. At this point I am using the compass on the charts but already have a spherical compass to attach to the kayak deck. 

Thirty three times on the water since July 14, 2013.

So why? What does it accomplish? What is the point?

Fun, learning & exercise! It is beautiful out there. We are very lucky to be able to enjoy the immensity and grandeur of our natural Canada.

We are so fortunate.
I don't know who or what to thank ... but I am grateful.

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