Friday, October 18, 2013

Wonderful Wind & Water

Another couple of hours on the lake with the wind and water ... and a bit of rain. Who cares? The weather is cozy inside the dry suit.

Another successful roll and some very nearly successful rolls.
The process is to practice the hip flick with the float on the paddle first for about ten minutes. Once again the first attempt was successful after the paddle float practice.

98 more to go then I can start learning some other rolls.

The waves were substantial as was the wind. This made sitting on the back deck more fun.
I also pointed the bow into the wind when doing the ladder rescue and the waves turn me 180 degrees while I am sliding up the back deck.

Also did a couple of cowboy scrambles.

The other new technique was going under the capsized cockpit and breathing the air trapped in there.

I also have started capsizing while moving.

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