Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Trusty Kayak

So this past Friday, October the 25th, I was able to get onto and into Lower Rideau Lake.

I did my usual pre water checks. I inspected the hull and the inside of the boat. Then I walked into the lake and submerged a few times to ensure the integrity of the dry suit.
The water is cold enough to cause paralysis with in a  few seconds, or perhaps minutes, at the most.

Click here to go to a good cold water immersion info site. 

In and on the water by 1300/1 pm and out by 1500/3 pm.
An hour and a half of capsizing practicing rolls, paddle float rolls and rescues and meditation on the back kayak deck. Then a half hour to paddle the somewhat usual 8 mile circuit: boat launch to Hog Island, Rideau Ferry, Nauds Point and back to the boat launch.
Truly a wonderful adventure on and in the water.
The practice is paying off, slowly but surely.

The water was flat like a shiny plate of glass. Very unusual for that time of day.

The only other craft that appeared that day was a cruiser on it's way to Poonamalie. In the distance.

So why did I title this post the "Trusty" kayak.

I trust the kayak because I checked it out before I got a mile off shore. I also tested my thermal protection, the dry suit, as well.
My checklist is short for this type of water play. Clearly the checklist has to be appropriate the planned water event.
For two hours of what is essentially safety practice followed by a short paddle the list is not long.

So yeah, I had a bunch of fun and ... the money machine as been shut down for the season, so I no longer have to pay $6.00 to use the launch. Yippee!

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