Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Roll Baby Roll!

Since August 18 I have been trying to roll the kayak.

I did it today!

Today I practiced performing the hip flick.
And that is the secret ... the shortcut ... the magic.
Don't practice rolling the kayak ... practice doing a somewhat decent hip flick.
And that is how I rolled the kayak.
Now doing a first roll in less than 60 days after the first attempt is not bad ... actually that is pretty good.
But concentrating on doing the hip flick would have made it happen sooner.

So now, I need to do a hundred rolls. Then they'll be good every time.

I also wore the drysuit for the first time today.
It takes rolling practice to a whole new level to be dry and warm while on the lake.

The drysuit is the Kokatat GMER.

It cost me just over a thousand dollars including tax. Dry & warm is worth a thousand dollars in itself.
This suit though has just increased my paddling season from 3-4 months to 7-8 months.
It effectively increases the value of the money I spent this year on kayaking equipment and courses.

I am pleased that the first time I wore the suit was also the first time I rolled the kayak, somewhere around my 52nd or 58th try!

And therein lies the paradox of learning to roll the kayak:
By the time one finally rolls it, one has perfected a number of alternate self-rescue's.

The water temperature was 15C/59F and not one bit of a cramp.

Another wonderful time on the water.

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