Monday, September 2, 2013

Practice, Practice, Practice!

So the total for today was 12 roll attempts. I am accomplishing 4 out of the 5 steps. On my 12th attempt I performed all 5 steps and it should have been a successful roll except that the spray skirt is dislodging. It is difficult to hip snap a kayak onto the surface with the cockpit flooded with water.

I will adjust the right thigh brace on the boat. I will also try to be a tad more gentle. I have had a tendency to "over" hip snap in the past. The result being that I roll past upright and submerge on the other side.
That being said, now I have enough practice to practice well, to practice effectively. Rolling practice is dependant on boat activity on the lake. Few boats, lots of practice. A lot of boats, very little or no practice. I prefer less than great weather because then the boaters stay away in droves.

So my focus will be to: keep my eye on the active paddle.
Hip snap slightly gentle, only after feeling the "catch". Concentrate on good position.
If I adjust the thigh brace and pay attention to the timing of the execution I should have more success.
Learning to roll the kayak reminds me of learning to ride a bicycle.
"Getting it" was elusive initially, but once I "got it" then I "got it".

After all is said and done, I am enjoying it immensely, and I now have 12 correct ladder rescues under my belt.

Here we are at the Rideau Ferry Yacht Club Conservation Area on the Lower Rideau Lake.
One thing that I have got in the habit of doing before each roll attempt is to measure the depth of the water with the paddle. The 230 cm length of the paddle is equivalent to just under 7' 6".
It is easy to become complacent when concentrating on doing the task at hand. I am glad that I am paying attention. 

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