Saturday, August 10, 2013

Kayak Dreams Two

My kayaking career continues to paddle forward.

Since I started with the July 14 Flatwater Kayak course I have spent about 30 hours on the waves.
July 23, 24 & 25, I had the rental P & H Cetus MV 177 to learn in.
I repeated the Flatwater Kayak course on July 28 in order to gain more practice time.

Last Sunday and Monday I paddled two new lakes: Big Salmon Lake at Frontenac Provincial Park and on Monday it was Upper Rideau Lake ... Narrows Lock to Westport and back, round the lake.
This evening was a relaxing hour long jaunt on Lower Rideau Lake at Rideau Ferry.
Here are pictures of my first boat! It is a used 2012 Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145. I really like it. This is the same model that I use in both kayak courses. It was also the model I rented last week.
Needless to say ... I am very happy!

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