Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More Roll Practice

The weather is supposed to be sunny with occasional cloud cover but no rain. The boat activity on the lake should be somewhat less now that the long weekend is over.

Yesterday's efforts were worthwhile learning. The first 7 rolls were without the diving mask which I had forgotten in the car. That was just as well for the practice. Yesterday's evening practice I did have the mask.
Today I will wear my contact lenses and use the mask, so hopefully my being able to see will help me when keeping my sight on the active paddle.

I have 3 days off now so I have time to establish a roll and practice it.
Having a good ladder self rescue is a real energy & time saver. It makes the practicing much more convenient.

I am not concerned that I have made 12 roll attempts and still need to be successful.  I have been a late bloomer and I welcome it. Hopefully the time spent learning will pay off in good performance.
I will persist. I only started kayaking last July 14. It has been less than 60 days and I recognise the accomplishments so far.
The Paddle Canada certification process is based on learning and experience ... practicing what you learn. So that is the concept that I am paying attention to.

It is a simple process: practice until the goal is met ... and then never stop practicing.
Self rescue's and their practice is a part of kayaking life.

So the plan for today is:
adjust the thigh braces
get in the set up position underwater
move the paddle and my body into position
"catch" the water and hip flip
keep my eyes on the active paddle blade, while
leaning back

It may not happen on the next try but that is not important. It is vital to learn and execute the steps.

When I am good enough I will do it.

I am becoming comfortable underwater, upside down, in a kayak.

Good luck to you today working on your projects!

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