Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Water Is My Friend

The lake is a lot quieter these days. Of course the serious fishers are still there, but their numbers are low.

So on the days that I do go out for an hour or two for practice, I usually am the only one. No need to worry about rental doo's.
Anybody on the lake these days is familiar with water.

The water is my friend. I am starting to get comfortable, upside down, under water, strapped into a kayak. I am able to concentrate on the job at hand down there now.

Here is a short video from my first trip in the kayak back on August 11:
It was a very nice day with a bit of a wind that built some small waves on the water. It was very invigorating to get the splash and spray while cutting through the waves. Of course the return trip was a lot quieter while being pushed and blown in a following sea. Still for a novice like me, any time on the water is worthwhile. 

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