Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Lakes Are ...

... Well, they are still frozen! Patience, Jebb ... patience!

It is going to be an excellent season! I'm going to fish from the kayak this year.
This year my formal kayak education will consist of the Paddle Canada Level 1 Skills weekend. Then of course there are the kayak/camp trips too. More kayaking during cottage week too.

So I have been checking out some water adventure & outdoor vid's at You Tube to keep the dream stoked.
Here is a link to a really good sailing site by Bixler & Krystin:

They also have some very good video's at You Tube of their adventures sailing, fishing, hiking and hunting up in Alaska.

My "Mike Poliszuk" You Tube site has a number of subscriptions to boating, camping and outdoor fun video's.

I was down at Lower Rideau Lake again yesterday. The ice fisher's are enjoying the long fishing season this year. Some of the huts have started coming off of the lake.

So still dreaming about kayaking, camping, fishing and water and stuff.

Ciao for now,


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