Saturday, January 11, 2014

Welcome Aboard!

It is so energizing to watch a dream become reality.

One of my goals since last July has been to find or develop a paddling partner or group. It has been a concern to me, that except for the courses I took, I haven't paddled with anybody who has more experience than myself.

So I updated my Goodreads account the other day to indicate that I had read: A Paddler's Guide To Killarney and the French River by Kevin Callen. That prompted a good acquaintance of mine to make me aware that he also had three of Callen's books. 
Now I knew that Dave did have a sailboat at one time. Dave has a proven track record as an adventurer. It turns out he also has a couple of kayaks, as well camping gear.

What makes him unique is that he has extensive outdoor/survival experience. Previously he has had careers with the police department and with armed forces in an international hotspot.

So him and I are planning a kayak/camping trip to Northern Georgian Bay for 9 nights in early July.

And when stuff starts happening on Georgian Bay, I couldn't ask for a better survivor, a better soldier to be with.
He can be counted on!

Philip Edward Island is crown land. It costs nothing to camp there. It is also an immediate safe haven because when the water on Georgian Bay turns wild, it offers a nearby water exit.

I can hardly wait. The weekend before our trip I will complete the PC Level 1 Kayak Skills course. To follow that up with an 11 day trip really will be fun, a wonderful experience!
Even better, now I won't have to do it alone. That length of time on Georgian Bay will be a challenge of sorts. It certainly is an "envelope pusher" for me.
Later in the year I will do a three night solo trip to be followed by two other overnight trips of one or two nights each. Perhaps Dave and I can partner up if our schedules allow. 

The experience this year will be invaluable for next year's trip to Lake Superior!

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