Friday, March 7, 2014

Into The Single Digits

It is a beautiful sunny morning here in this part of eastern Ontario. The temp is finally into the single digits again at -7 degrees Celsius/19.4 Fahrenheit, yay!
It is forecast to reach a high of +1 or 2C for the next couple of days.
There may be a few nights of minus's in the double digits, but within the week, both day and night temps will be in the single digits!
So I am encouraged. Maybe the lakes will become liquid within the next 30 days or so.

First of let me link you to Alaskagraphy. Bixler and Krystin are Alaska sailboat sailors who enjoy going on hiking, fishing and hunting trips on their sailboat. They also have made a couple of good quality movies of some adventure trips in Alaska.
If you are sensitive to fishing and hunting, this may not be for you.  The fish they catch and the bears they shoot end up on the dinner plate.
This is the first one, about an hour long; Boats, Beaches & Bears 5 Months Sailing In The Last Frontier.
It is excellent viewing and learning fare.

I am still practicing the compass and chart navigation. To assist me in that effort, I recently purchased a book titled Sea Kayak Navigation Simplified by Lee Moyer for around $18.00. It is very clear and simple.

Time to start checking out the camping and kayak gear. I'll be ready!
More than likely my first trip will be down the Tay River to Beveridges Lock and into the Rideau System at Beveridges Bay. It is convenient at least. The Tay River is less than a block away from my front door. I can put in there conveniently without having to use the car even. Maybe a one nighter or two.

Dream, live the dream.

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