Saturday, November 9, 2013

To Port Elmsley & Back

My most recent kayak adventure occurred this past November 7.

It was a paddle across the north west side of Lower Rideau Lake, past Beveridges Bay and on towards the Tay River.

It was a well planned trip. The spherical compass has made all the difference. I plotted a course on the chart to Stonehouse Island my first reference point. Once past the island I tracked to the port and consulted the chart to avoid shoals and shallows.

Here is one short video from the trip. 

This is taken about 15 minutes into the 2 hour journey. I am using a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. Handheld at this point still to install a bracket to the deck of the boat then I won't have to hold the camera.
It was a good paddle. No rolling or rescues on this trip. The water is cold on my head and my hands. The thermal gear keeps the rest of me dry and warm, definitely a needed investment.
Chao for now!

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