Wednesday, November 20, 2013

To Gallaghers Point And Back

It was a very good paddle. Rainy with a bit of wind, but very mild ... 11C. This first image shows the trees on Hog Island. This is the Lower Rideau Lake still.

The next image shows the bridge at Rideau Ferry. Once I cross under the bridge I will be into Big Rideau Lake. There are three "Rideau" lakes ... the Lower, the Big, and the Upper. The Upper is at the highest elevation. The Lower and the Big are at a lower elevation than the Upper. The Big is called that because area wise it is the largest. 
The next image shows some of the islands in the Big Rideau. It is raining and slightly windy.

This one is a shot of the stern of the kayak showing the extra paddle and removable deck light.

All these photos are taken with the waterproof GoPro Hero 3. This underwater image shows the surface of the water, the hull of the kayak and the rocky bottom of the lake.

Here I am parked for a snack/break.
Finally, heading back towards Rideau Ferry, the Lower Rideau where I put in and take out.


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