Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kayak Dreams-Kayak Thoughts

The sky is clear and the sun is slowly rising.
It is -5C, feels like -9C here in Perth in eastern Ontario.
The flags are moving very little if at all.

I think I'll go for a paddle. I am well rested. I will eat appropriately.
I will think of my paddle plan.

The Bay of Quinte is beautiful. Belleville, Ontario is an incredibly beautiful place because of it.
I would love to paddle the Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario in this area ... Prince Edward County.

Two men went out onto the Bay the day before last and failed to return as planned before 2200 that night.
SAR at nearby 8 Wing, CFB Trenton searched through out the night after being notified by the float plan contact.
The search is now being conducted by the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) detachment in that area.

The men went out in an aluminum boat. I have been listening to the CBC Ottawa this morning but no mention of this situation.

As a sole paddler risk management is always a concern.
As a sole paddler I abide by survival principles and ... there are some I don't abide by.

For the principles I adhere to I commend myself.
For the one's I don't adhere to I excuse my behaviour, to my detriment, no doubt.

So this news story about these two has struck a nerve. The angel on my right shoulder is quietly being heard loud and clear over the din from the devil on my other shoulder.

There is a very important lesson in this story for me and I need to hear it.

I need to listen. And to think. And do the right thing.

I so badly want these guys to be okay.
It could happen to me.

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