Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kayak Dreams 1

So this week coming up I'll be on holidays! I'll be off to Frontenac Provincial Park for a 4 night kayak trip! Then on Sunday it is back to Frontenac Outfitters to take the Paddle Canada Flatwater Kayak Paddle course. This is the course I took a week ago. I think it will be a good follow up and re-cap of the trip I will be venturing on this week. This weeks trip may give me some questions to ask the "pros".

The weather is supposed to be mostly good.

Two years ago I took a 5 hour Kayak Familiarisation course there. I also did a 3 night canoe/camping trip in June of '11 at Frontenac. This will be my fourth time overnight camping there and my second paddling trip.
This week will the will be the start to fulfill the prerequisite for the Level 3 Kayak Skills course. The requirement is 3 separate kayak/camp trips totalling no less then 10 nights.
I also plan to do a 3 night trip in early August. That will give me 7 nights. Then one more trip in September for 3 nights will give me the required 10.

I also hope, (if my budget allows) to take some private instruction on one very important safety lesson: Kayak rolling.
Once I have learned competent rolls then I will have that important tool in my kayak skill set. Then I can try out the 'yaks on my short list.

So far the list is comprised of the following boats:

Delta Kayaks 17s.
Current Designs Solstice GT.
Current Designs Isle.
Wilderness Systems Tempest 175 Pro.
Current Designs Caribou.

There is also the necessity of a Standard First Aid course, and;
The very important Wilderness First Aid Course.
Also under consideration is the Bronze Medallion.

My walking exercise is being maintained. My left knee issue, (that I acquired by running too intensely without doing the necessary training), has resolved itself. However that poor decision will delay my running program until next year at the earliest. Or I may just remain a walking "warrior".

Through all this progress, I have been lacking in my Spanish study. So  need to focus on the study and treat it with the respect and commitment that it requires.

Photography will come back into my daily life again.
Then I will have to make a decision about the guitar.

I will have the option to retire in less than 30 months.

Wow! Then what?

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