Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kayak Dream Made Good

Here are a series of clips from my most recent Kayak Dream come true on May 20, 2014 on the Lower and Big Rideau Lakes:

In the first video there is an incorrect statement where I state that 'port' is to the 'right'. That is not true, 'port' is to the left ... 'starboard' is to the 'right'.

And I will also suggest that you subscribe to my YouTube channel to observe how improvement is possible. I would also like to suggest that you 'like' this video in an attempt to boost my 'video wannabe' alter ego.
If you do that then I will not have to beg, bow, or scrape for your attention in the future!

Consider it a favour that you perform for humankind!
And if you don't I could really care less anyway ... I will still continue to practice my unique blend of videography.

So there!

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