Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The First Splash

I finally was able to get onto the water this past Monday, April 28, 2014.
I only spent maybe an hour in the kayak but it was time well spent, as always.
The Delta 17s was purchased last November. I was able to try it out twice then.

Monday's original plan was set aside once I got on the water.

There were two reasons I changed plans. Firstly, I had neglected to drop the skeg. This resulted in two capsizes that required a paddle float self rescue each time.
Secondly, in securing the top zipper of the dry suit, I failed to ensure the zipper had closed completely. Even though the gap between the zipper head and the block was very small, it permitted a small amount of  water to seep in. Any leaks or seepage or leaks are a concern. I chose to land the boat and determine the reason for the leak.

So for the rest of my four hour visit to the lake, I 303'd the interior of the rear bulkhead as far as I could reach. While doing that, I discovered that the rear bulkhead had leaked because of a missing interior bulkhead cover, which I located while 303'ing it.

So the plan for my next kayak adventure is to use the skeg, ensure the drysuit zipper is properly secured and, capsize the kayak with the interior cover in place to ensure that the rear bulkhead does not leak when properly equipped.

Of course once I get to the put in I may elect to modify the timing of the plan ... I may do all of the above after returning from my paddle trip.

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